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Facebook Page Reviews – all you need to know

You have a business, and you know you should have a Facebook page. If you don’t, take a moment to read this article Why your Business Needs a Facebook Page. Think about your own behaviour online. Are you looking for a local cafe or restaurant? Want to find out if the plumber your friend recommended has any reviews? What do you do next? Most people turn to the internet to see what other people think of that business or service. When our ideal client searches for what we do, they tend to look in two places – Google, and Facebook Search.

If you haven’t set up a Facebook page for your business yet, then stop reading and go here. (For ten ways to improve your Facebook page, you will find this article useful)

So once you create a Facebook page for your business then you may or may not have Facebook Page reviews.

What are Facebook Page Reviews?

Reviews are a brilliant way to showcase what your own clients or customers think of your business. We can all shout from the rooftops about how amazing our service is, but if a client shouts it for us, it means a whole lot more.

How do you create a place for reviews on your Facebook Page?

how to add facebook page reviews
Find your Page Settings

Choose Page Settings.

Facebook Page Templates and Tabs to add reviews
Templates and Tabs section on Page Settings

Select the Templates and Tabs section on the left hand side menu – on the middle of your screen, you will see a list of tabs. Click on Settings for Reviews.

Turn on the Reviews Tab on your Facebook Page

Click to turn your Review settings on. To reverse this simply return to the tab and turn the Settings to Off.

turn on the reviews tab on your facebook page

Now you have turned on Reviews for your Facebook Page.

How do you manage reviews?

Firstly, encourage your clients to leave a review for you. Quite often, future and potential clients will read reviews of your work before they reach out to you.

How can you ask someone for a review? Usually the best time to ask someone to leave a review for you is just after they have worked with you. Most of the reviews on my own Facebook page Social Bee NI have been unsolicited. This week I received a review from a client after helping the out with an issue on their own Facebook page. The other way I have received reviews is after running a free challenge, and asking the participants if they enjoyed the challenge, to leave me a review.

Tip: Reply to ALL of your reviews – thank your positive reviews and respond to negative ones.

One of the issues my clients have had in the past, is that you are unable to remove negative reviews. If you have provided a service to a client and they are unhappy with that service, then you should respond to their review and ask them to contact you directly.

However, occasionally, you may unfortunately receive a review that is malicious for various reasons. Maybe a competitor doesn’t like your business, maybe a client has had a disagreement with you. The customer is not necessarily always right! At the point of writing this article, you are not able to hide or remove individual reviews. You can only have all of your reviews or none.

How do you deal with negative reviews?

  1. Do not ignore them.
  2. Respond with an offer to speak to the person directly
  3. Do not argue back with someone on your Facebook page
  4. If you can resolve the issue with your reviewer, you can ask them to remove their review.
  5. Don’t worry too much – if you get 10 positive reviews and one negative one, then your future clients and customers will see through the negative one.

For more help with your Facebook page, I have created this Five Day free training on Facebook pages for beginners.

Facebook page reviews - how to set them up , get more and how to deal with negative reviews on your Facebook Page.

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