Facebook Groups – the update – Social Bee Podcast Ep 83

Let’s talk about Facebook Groups – what’s changed and how does it impact you? 

Facebook groups for business - Social Bee Podcast for entrepreneurs

Do you use Facebook Groups in your business?

Are you worried that the changes recently made by Facebook may impact you? 

Or perhaps you haven’t yet started a Group, and you’re wondering whether you should go ahead and create one? 

In this episode, I talk about the changes to Groups that Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Facebook F8 conference held in April 2019. With tens of millions of active Groups on Facebook, and with 400 million of us using them, highlighting Groups on the platform in order to create a stronger focus on community building seems like the right move to make. But how does our Facebook experience change as a result?  What do the three new tabs mean? And what’s to come in the world of Facebook Groups? Tune in to find out!

You will learn…

  1. How Facebook Groups are going to become more predominant in the way we use Facebook. 
  2. How the relationship between the Newsfeed and Groups works, and in particular what you can and cannot share and where. 
  3. How to use the new tabs – Discover, Create, and Settings. 

And much more! 


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