Social Bee Podcast Episode 50 – from social media manager to consultant

How I went from social media manager to consultant in 5 years

If you’re listening to me regularly, you’ll note that I am an avid podcast listener. I love listening to podcasts. It’s probably the main way I consume the content for myself. I have several favorites.  When I started out, I initially was listening to Seth Godin on his short series of business school podcast.  I think I listened to Amy Porterfield’s online marketing podcast, Pat Flynn’s Smart passive income podcast. And then I moved to John Lee Dumas and the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.

Kate Erickson has a podcast called Kate’s Take, which is her audio blog for the Entrepreneurs on fire business and well worth listening in to.  Still one of my favorite podcasters.

I always listen to Natalie Eckdahl on the BizChix podcast every single week and I never miss it. I also listened to Janet Murray’s Love Marketing podcast.  My other regular ‘listen to’  is Carol Cox and the Speaking You’re Brand podcast.

Maybe you are thinking of starting a business or just a couple of years or a year into business and I want to let you know that my business has shifted and changed shape and format really quite a lot since when I first started.

I started out being a social media manager for people.  After a while,   I began getting booked for speaking gigs and that’s really when my business started to take a different turn.

I realized that I really liked teaching and now it has really evolved where most of what I do is going out delivering workshops and having consultancy sessions with companies and organizations and helping people to work out how to market their businesses online.

That sounds like it’s been an uneasy transition which it hasn’t.  I would say it’s all about persistence and consistency and taking speaking gigs initially that don’t pay because it gets you in front of an audience and raise your visibility.

What happens then is people in the audience will hear you speak and you might get a message or an email from them six weeks later and they want to know, could you come out and have a chat with them, to help with their social media or online marketing strategy.

It could be, you know, two, three months after their first contact after the training or speaking gigs that they attended. So it’s a longer timeframe from the first contact with somebody to actually getting paid work as a result. And that’s why I think it’s really important to do lots of speaking events and lots of other podcasts getting on other people’s podcasts helps to raise my businesses visibility as well. ,

I would have put a blog post all about being consistent in terms of creating content for your audience and I think consistency, it must be my word for 2018, so consistently delivering this podcast consistently writing out to my email list, consistently creating content and consistently am going to events, having speaking gigs on all of this work when you keep at it ends up being the way that I have grown my business. So what does my business look like today in September 2018?

I have my membership site.  There is a waiting list for people who’ve missed the boat last because I really want to work with the people who are in there and for the next few months and get to know them and get to know what they really want help with.

I have my mastermind, which is going so well. I love working with the women in my mastermind, so I have five people in my mastermind. We meet every Monday and we have a deep dive into issues or concerns or whatever question they bring to the table and we have a private group where we could pop into during the week as well.

I love working with these women, helping them to move their business forward and I will be forming more masterminds in a month or so because I’m really passionate about how they work.

Then I have my local workshops and the one-off pieces of consultancy.   I might work with a corporation or a customer that could be helping somebody to understand how to LinkedIn  or it could be going to a room of 12 to 15 board members and walking them through the benefits of marketing their business online.

How can this help you with your business? I would really like to help you to create some consistency in your business building online. I am going to run a challenge whereby I want everybody who participates to spend 20 minutes a day creating content in their business.

Now for you, this could look like creating images or video or recording audio, but I think what I’m. The way I’m going to work this is it’s going to be 20 minutes of writing a day and I am going to run it for the month of October.

I’m so every day get up 20 minutes early earlier than normal and if you want to grab yourself a cup of tea, go for it.  Take a look at your list of ideas that people are asking you for help with and just sit down and start writing.

For example, this morning I started writing a blog post about instagram and I didn’t get it finished, but I know what I am going to be working on tomorrow morning when I get up 20 minutes earlier than normal. I knew what the outline for that blog post looks like now because I did the work this morning.

If you’re like me, by the time you get up with the family and do you have breakfast and well, for me, dropping the kids to school, walking the dog at the time, I get back to my desk, it’s half past nine and then you’re looking at your emails and you’re checking your notifications on your social media and then you have a piece of work you need to deliver. You don’t actually get time to create content for your own business and that’s where it slides away and you lose the consistency.

So I would really love for you to join me in this 30 days of content creation. I have got a free content challenge calendar here.  This is a way of recording that you’ve done your 20 minutes every day.

What you’re going to be creating your content on?    It’s going to be content that answers the frequently asked questions that you have from your audience.

If you don’t have an audience yet, you can go and find other people who are working in a similar space to you. Join their facebook groups and follow their comments on their Instagram feeds, see what the questions are that their audience are asking them, and that will give you an idea of what those people want to know about.

Also, attending local events and talking to people in person will give you a good idea by what questions people have about your business. You could also put a poll on your facebook page or you could put polls and questions inside youInstagramam stories.

[15:42] So what I don’t want you to do is create the content on your social media accounts. If you spent 20 minutes a day writing on your instagram account or on your facebook account, that’s all very well good for that one day, but the next day and the next day, that content is will have gone down the newsfeed.   So your audience, if they didn’t catch it then, will not see it.  Whereas if you have a blog and you are building up your blog posts on pieces of content on your website, then you have it to share and keep sharing it across your social media

So we’re going to get up early every day. We’re going to sit down and write for 20 minutes.  Download my content calendar challenge, and print out the free template. calendar to join in.

I am up to 50 episodes. Let’s go for 100 next

. If you’d like to come on the podcast for an on-air coaching call with a question about how to market your business online, drop me a line,

If you’d like to join my membership or to come into what are my new masterminds and let me help you work with you on it at a small group basis every single week on helping you with your questions and issues than drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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