Episode 199: more people are noticing you than you think on LinkedIn

When you post something on LinkedIn, how many people do you think are seeing your content?

Does it matter? Find out today about why quality over quantity is a big deal on LinkedIn, and why sometimes, the smaller the network, the mightier the impact your activity on LinkedIn can have.

LinkedIn Lurking

REcently I was talking to two of my network about their activity on LinkedIn. They were posting updates on LinkedIn and not really getting a lot of engagement on their content. Then, both of them were contacted by someone who commented about their recent LinkedIn posts.

Just because you aren’t getting the real time engagement on your content, does not mean that people are not reading what you are writing.

I know a lot of people give up on posting consistently on LinkedIn because they don’t get comments. Maybe they think, oh, nobody’s really listening to me. This is just not really working.

We’re too used to instant gratification and we put something out there and if we’re not getting showered with comments, we think, oh no, that isn’t working, I’m going to do something else.

People who hire you, rarely comment on your posts.

In my experience, I don’t think I have ever had somebody sign up to work with me who had been engaging with my posts on LinkedIn.

So people who comment on my LinkedIn posts are usually people in my network who I have met or previously worked with, or they enjoy my content. The people who actually sign up to work with me, reach out to me privately. They don’t comment on a post that I’ve shared on LinkedIn. They rarely do.

They’re usually friends with somebody who has, or a LinkedIn connection of somebody who has seen my content. Most of my work actually comes through word of mouth and referral, and somebody will say, oh, you need to speak to Louise Brogan. She can help you with your LinkedIn profile and your strategy and plan.

So keep it up. Decide what you want to be known for. Write interesting content about those topics. Share your thought leadership. And don’t overthink the engagement. Measure your success in the number of people who reach out to talk to you.

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