DIY, Done-with-you and Done-For-You LinkedIn Services – what is the difference?

You have arrived at this blogpost because you want to use LinkedIn to raise your profile and build your business. You might be trying to decide if you want someone to help you with your content and strategy, or if you want to learn how to do it yourself. Great! Let’s look at the options.

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There are three main ways to do this:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Get some help and done-with-you support
  3. Outsourcing – done FOR you

Which one you select will depend on a few factors, and there is no one right or wrong choice.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Do It Yourself

Advantages – you know your business better than anyone

People connect with people on LinkedIn and you are the subject matter expert of your product/service

Learning how to use LinkedIn yourself will increase your skills knowledge and actually, it is really fun once you know how to connect and engage with people on the platform.

Cost. Let’s face it, if you are shorter on money than you are on time, sometimes DIY is the only way to go for now.

The balance is between the time you spend learning how to use LinkedIn and how much time you save when you spend the money to get further ahead.

Disadvantages – time – how much time do you have in your business to learn how to use LinkedIn, build your network and work on relationships?

Consistency – what if you get busy, you might forget to post content, or plan what to talk about this week. (one of my VIP clients said that our VIP session was so good, he became so busy at work that he didn’t have time to spend on LinkedIn anymore!)

Lack of knowledge – you know you should be using LinkedIn but you aren’t getting any engagement and you don’t really know how the platform works

✅ Are you a DIY self starter? Check out the LinkedIn Learners course here

Done With You

The done-with-you option is the current best selling option to work with me. This can be in the form of the VIP sessions, monthly retainer clients and one off strategy sessions. Check out all the information here

Advantages: Working with an expert means you move forward faster.

Accountability – we should be sharing content on LinkedIn that brings leads to our business and having a regular check in with your coach means you are more likely to do the work

Having someone to ask all those ‘quick questions’ that you need help with

Working with someone who knows LinkedIn inside-out means that quite often, they will introduce you to features you didn’t know existed

Case Study: Eliza and the webinar

Monthly Retainer Client Done-with-you option

My client Eliza* wanted to host a webinar to get in front of her ideal clients. Her goal was to showcase her skills and book some calls with potential customers who would want her workshop service.

We had a one-hour call booked for our usual monthly meeting – I was able to help Eliza set up a LinkedIn event for her webinar, and show how to use it to collect leads, start conversations with attendees both ahead and after the event, and how to invite her ideal clients to attend.

Result – Eliza had over 100 relevant connections register for her event, 75% show-up rate and three discovery calls booked.

*not her real name


Cost – it costs more financially to work with someone directly than it does to learn how to do something yourself

Personal preference – some people simply prefer to learn in their own time

Done For You Services

For some of us, we just want someone else to take care of things. Need your LinkedIn profile written professionally? Hire us to do it for you. Want someone to write your content for you? Get in touch.

If you are busy and don’t want to invest the time needed to build your LinkedIn profile and content strategy, then consider outsourcing.


Someone else, who knows what to write, is spending the time to update your profile in a way that will help you get found online.

No need to think about what to post, when to post it or how to structure your content in order to get engagement and leads.

Whether you want someone to write articles for you, write your LinkedIn updates, create your videos – save time hiring someone else to do it for you.

You can focus on getting on with the business of working with your clients (or take time out to go enjoy a cheeky cocktail!)


Cost. If you want to outsource all of your LinkedIn strategy, you will have to invest your money in order to save your time.

Limitations. LinkedIn will not allow someone to login to your personal account so either you use a third party scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite, or we send you the content and you post it yourself. When using a third party tool, you are not able to use all the functionality of LinkedIn e.g. tagging someone in your post or using polls.


Which of the three options do I recommend? It really depends on the following:

Do you want to invest time or money in learning how to use LinkedIn?

Is the thought of spending time on a social media platform filling you with dread, and you’d rather just outsource the whole thing?

Or do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn and have someone to help you and keep you on track with the latest features?

In my experience, when I show someone how to use LinkedIn effectively, they change their opinions of the platform and actually enjoy using it. That being said, for others who have the resources, outsourcing is the only way to go forward.

If you would like to discuss any of the done-with-you or done-for-you options, please get in touch.

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