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Creating my online course – the journey so far

I decided over a year ago that the best way forward for me,  as a working mum with three kids at primary school,   to manage my own business,  help as many people as possible and just get stuck into working with other entrepreneurs, was to take my training online.

I have been steadily working away in the background, figuring out exactly how to do that.   The actual content part was easy – after all, I have been showing businesses and entrepreneurs how to use online marketing for their business for over three years.  However, putting that all into a format that is digestible and accessible has been a journey and a half.

I did a lot of research online, and then realised it may be easier to actually buy a course showing me HOW to create an online course.  So I invested in a small course at the start of the year.  This got me off the mark, but I soon realised that I needed a little more tuition.   I came across David Siteman Garland and the CreateAwesomeOnlineCourses course    I was flaffing about, reading stuff, listening to podcasts about courses, when a wise woman said to me – if you can buy that course,  then just buy it!  What are you waiting for??

So I invested in myself and my business, and bought the course.  I have spent the past 100 days working out how to create a course, setting up the software needed, building my email list using various methods.    I have changed my entire website layout to make it more opt-in friendly.   I have created a second website to actually host my courses on!   I have learned more about using WordPress than I ever though possible – plugins, themes, Google analytics – all ticked off the learning curve list.   Mainly I have completely and utterly re-immersed myself in technology which I haven’t done since I completed my MSc in Computing back in 2000 and I have totally enjoyed it!

I’ve been getting more into Pinterest and Instagram as ways of growing my audience.   I have learned that Pinterest is not a social media platform but a very sophisticated search engine.   I have learned that a lot of Instagrammers are very careful about alternating quotes with images to build up a chequerboard style feed.   I’ve developed a Facebook group of business owners and entrepreneurs which I interact in every day.

All of this seems huge and daunting – to be honest, you wouldn’t have to do all of these things, but I have really enjoyed doing it and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop.  I have also been easily distracted, like Alice down the rabbit hole – so I keep reminding myself to FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful.   When I get stricter with myself, then I progress much faster.

So now I have a course all ready to go – I have a growing email list, and an engaged audience. I have been listening to their queries and issues, I have sent out questionnaires to find out pain points for entrepreneurs.

I have identified my target audience – women entrepreneurs who are starting a business and need to know how to market that business online.  I am very excited about the course which I will be launching in January 2017  –  the only reason for the delay is our impending family trip to New Zealand and Australia – I don’t think launching a course and then flying off for four

Online Course Journey
Journey so far

weeks is a good idea.  We don’t want to interrupt our kangaroo-viewing for Mum to answer some emails..    If you want to know more about the course, join my email list and I’ll keep you up to date with tips, advice and free video training  xx


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