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3 degrees of  Social Media Marketing

How do you create a successful social media marketing plan for your business?   Why is it different from the normal marketing world?   By being social!

If you start a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business and then use it purely to advertise sales and promotions, it won’t go far.
These days consumers need more to catch their eye on social media.  Here are three things you need to keep it social and to connect with your market.


The purpose of your content is to attract, engage and entertain your audience.  You can use it as a way to research improving your business by interacting with the customer.  Start a conversation!


By having responses to your post, you get to start  a conversation.   This is the social aspect!   Always reply to customers – have a chat – get to know your audience and they will get to know you.  This is how to create a relationship with your audience.


As you get to  know your audience, you can become part of the community.   Or even start your own!  For example: if you are an author,  what about starting a weekly book review online – inviting in discussion from your audience.  Each week those people will return to see what is happening and all of a sudden you have your own online  community. There are a lot more tricks to the trade online, but if you can concentrate on developing these three C’s initially,  you can grow your brand online and get to know your customer base which in turn will drive your business!

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