LinkedIn Company Pages – 6 ways to involve your employees

Want more people to engage with your LinkedIn company page? Wondering how your employees can help?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create a LinkedIn company page strategy for more exposure and engagement.

Why Employee Engagement Matters to Your Company Page

While LinkedIn company pages are great for showcasing products and services and providing insight into the company itself, many page admins struggle to get engagement on the content they post. If your employees use LinkedIn, encouraging them to engage with your company page and its content can yield significant results.

According to LinkedIn, on average, employees have 10 times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company page has followers. Additionally, internal LinkedIn research shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers vs. non-coworkers.

Here are some tips to help you engage your employees with your LinkedIn company page strategy.

#1: Leverage Employee Personal Profiles to Increase Company Page Visibility

Employees can add your company page to their LinkedIn personal profile in three key places: the Experience section, introduction card, and Contact Info.

Note: you can’t add an employee to the company page. Only a LinkedIn member can add the company to their personal profile in the Experience section.

To encourage employees to add your company page in these places, add these steps as part of your new employee onboarding process.

Provide a Branded Cover Photo for Employees’ Personal Profile Introduction Cards

Create a branded cover image to share with employees for use as the background on their LinkedIn personal profile. Make sure the image looks good on both desktop and mobile. Also, avoid placing text or your brand name in the lower-left corner where the personal profile photo appears.

Contact Info

In addition to the branded cover photo, encourage employees to add the LinkedIn company page URL to the Contact Info section of their personal profile.

Share these steps with them:

1. On your LinkedIn profile, click on Contact Info on the introduction card. In the pop-up window, click on the pencil icon at the top-right corner.

2. Type the company page URL in the Website URL box and choose Company from the drop-down menu on the right. Click Save to save your changes.

The Experience Section

Share these steps with your employees to add your company to the Experience section of their profile:

1. Scroll down to the Experience section and click the plus sign at the top right.

2. In the Company field, start typing the company’s name and then choose it from the list of options that pop up.

Once added, the company page will show as a logo on the introduction card at the top of the employee’s personal profile, as well in their Experience section.

Note: When your employees add the company website URL to the description of their Experience section, it will show up as a clickable link on the LinkedIn Android app.

#2: Make Select Employees Content Admins for the Company Page

Adding a team member as a content admin means they’ll be able to see all of the content on your LinkedIn company page, add and edit existing content, invite their connections to follow the page, and go live on the page (depending on the application). Only the super admin can grant admin access to the page, deactivate the page, or edit the page settings.

To add an employee as a page admin, go to Page Settings and click on Add Admin on the right.

Select the person you want to add as an admin and choose the Content Admin role.

For more tips on how to include your employees in your LinkedIn Marketing

#3: Create a Dedicated Company Hashtag to Curate and Engage With Employee Content

If you have team members who are creating content on LinkedIn or another site, consider sharing that content on your company page. To maximize the impact of this content, create a strategy with your team that helps you reach specific goals.

To help you find relevant content, create a dedicated hashtag for employees to use when they post their content. By monitoring the hashtag on LinkedIn (and other social media platforms), page admins can pick up user-generated content from employees to share on the company page.

LinkedIn lets you create three hashtags for a company page so create one for employees to tag in their posts.

To create a hashtag for your company page, go to the Admin view. On the right side of the page, click the pencil icon (or plus sign) next to # Hashtags.

In the Edit window, click Add a Hashtag and type in your hashtag. Choose something that includes your company name (for example, #TeamSmallBusinessBritain or #YourCompanyNameLife).

Once you’ve created your hashtag, encourage employees to use it in their posts so it’s easier to find them. You can then share relevant posts to your company page or respond in the comments for those posts. Note the page can only respond in comments if the company’s hashtag is used in the post.

Share Employee Content to Your Company Page

To share an employee’s LinkedIn post to your company page, click the Share button at the bottom of the post.

Make sure you’re posting as the company page and not under your personal account. From the Posting As options, select your company page.

Before clicking on Post, write about why you’re sharing this content with your followers. Tag the employee in your post (if their privacy settings allow). This will alert the employee and reach more of the people within their professional network.

If you have employees who are creating content outside of LinkedIn, you can also share that content on your page. Ask your team to let you know when they’ve been involved in content creation, such as a guest blog post they’ve written or an appearance on a podcast.

To share an external blog post, post the link to the blog on your page update. Remove the URL link once the preview appears.

In your post, make sure you mention the employee and tag them. Also include the name of the external site where the initial content appeared. Your employee will then be notified of your share and the content will get visibility from the employee’s LinkedIn network.

#4: Use the Notify Employees Feature to Alert Staff to Key Company Page Posts

When you post updates to your LinkedIn company page, you can use the Notify Employees feature to alert employees about the post. LinkedIn lets you notify them once every 24 hours. Employees can opt out of the notifications in their privacy settings.

Note: You can’t notify employees about a post this way if the post was targeted to one particular region.

Pro Tip: If appropriate, consider a reward scheme for employees who share content. The prize could be a featured spot on the company page or a physical gift delivered in the mail.

#5: Encourage Employees to Engage With Posts on the Company Page

Employees often have more reach or influence with their network than your company page does. Encouraging them to engage with and share company page content with their network will help your posts reach a wider audience on LinkedIn.

Some of the most engaging company page posts are those where businesses invite their own employees to participate. Consider some of the regular themed months on the calendar and plan content around those days.

For example, you could showcase women in your company for International Women’s Day. The post below invites the team to share advice for other women in tech. Rather than @mention all of the women in the image, you could tag team members who are featured in the photo.

You can also share employee wins, promotions, product launches, and general good news stories on your company page.

Tag Employees in Company Page Photo Posts

To tag employees in a company page photo post, create your post and add a photo. When the image is selected, the option to Click Anywhere to Tag will appear. Click on the image and start typing the employee’s name.

You don’t need to be connected via your personal account to tag someone in an image posted to LinkedIn. However, individuals do have the ability to edit and remove this tagging in their privacy settings.

#6: Develop Company Page Content That Includes Your Employees

Here are some ways to use LinkedIn features to involve your employees in creating content for your page.

Feature Employees in LinkedIn video content

While you can’t share an employee’s story from their personal profile to the company page story feed, there are ways to involve employees with video via your page.

You could include employees in a series of video posts that feature a day in the life of that employee and tag them in your post.

Ask Employees to Host or Co-Host LinkedIn Company Page Events

Use the LinkedIn Events feature to host webinars, panels, and interviews with employees to discuss topics associated with your company.

If your company page has access to LinkedIn Live, you can stream video to the event. If you don’t have LinkedIn Live, direct your audience to sign up for an external link.

To create a LinkedIn event, go to your company page and scroll down to Events in the right-hand column. Click the plus button to create your event and then fill in the relevant details.

To invite an employee to participate in the event, add them as a speaker. You’re only able to add first-level connections as speakers to an event so it’s important to encourage employees to connect as 1st-degree connections via their personal profiles.

Once you’ve set up the event, invite employees to attend. They’ll be able to suggest it to their own network after they accept the invitation. As the organizer of the event, you can also invite your connections to attend.

To get more engagement on events, encourage employees to start conversations inside the event. When you list an employee as a speaker, they’ll be highlighted in the event. Attendees can then ask a question by tagging speakers or other attendees.

Feature Employees in Company Page LinkedIn Live Q&As

A LinkedIn company page admin has to apply for LinkedIn Live for the page—even if the admin already has access on their personal account.

When you go live on LinkedIn, you’re encouraged to go longer than 10 minutes. In your live stream, you could feature employees, celebrate a win, or simply talk about the company culture.

Showcasing your employees in a live stream is also a great way to attract new employees. In the example below, an employee is interviewing members of her team to ask them what it’s like to work for the company.

Plan your video before you go live on LinkedIn, and if you’re featuring team members, invite them to wear the company logo. Note that LinkedIn will generate captions for the video.

You can schedule live streams using a third-party app. With StreamYard, for instance, your scheduled broadcast will show on LinkedIn with a Remind Me button so your audience can be notified when you go live.


Having a team strategy for your LinkedIn company page offers many benefits. When you showcase employees in the videos and posts on your page, you not only help them feel more engaged with the business but also provide them with content to share with their professional network.

To measure your success, keep track of the engagement rate on your page and the number of visits to your company website. Also, check in with your employees to see what benefits they’ve received from participating.