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Why Is Marketing Challenging for Lawyers? with Christopher Melcher

Christopher Melcher is a family attorney in Los Angeles, California. We met when I worked with Chris during the summer of 2020 as he wanted to learn how best to use LinkedIn. Chris’s clients include business owners, celebrities, and trust beneficiaries across California who are going through complex divorces. We talk about how Chris uses […]

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The four parts to my LinkedIn framework

Would you like to start using LinkedIn to grow your network of prospective customers or clients? Have you thought about using LinkedIn to make more sales in your business? If you’d like to start posting content on LinkedIn but aren’t sure what to share, then tune into this episode! This week on the podcast, I […]

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How to create content for your social media consistently

          If you are building a business online,  you need to consistently create content to share with your audience. Why? Creating your own content raises your profile –  you will have something to share with your audience on your own social media platforms Creating your own content shows you know your […]

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Raising Your Visibility Online Summit

The Social Bee Online Summit is all about helping you to raise your visibility online. Join the Online Summit Here   It’s a three day long virtual summit for entrepreneurs with 16 incredible speakers talking about the different ways to connect with your audience and grow your business. From branding and blogging, to YouTube and […]

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How to create an image using Canva for social media

  Do you wonder how other people make those cool little images that seem to fit PERFECTLY into the social media post they have written?   Well, one of my favourite,  and possibly daily-used tool, on the internet, is Canva.   You find it at I use Canva to create images to go along […]

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Why do I need email marketing?

In this world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, podcasting, you may wonder do we still need email.    Well,  I think because the noise level,  volume and SPEED of social media interactions,  your email list is actually getting to be more important.   Why is email marketing important? You are reaching straight into someone’s inbox.  The […]

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Taking the first step

I listen to podcasts ALL the time… I find them inspirational, educational and I can fit them into my life – walking the dog, going for a run or driving in the car in between meetings and picking up the kids. I have abandoned the car radio.. (sorry Women’s Hour and Kerry McLean…) Today I […]

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Online Tools for Business – Social Media Management

In a recent #Twitterchat, we discussed what tools businesses recommend to use online.    We covered social media tools,  general business organisational tools and the top three apps recommended by our Tweeps.  I hope you find this information as useful as I did!   This post is going to focus on the answers to our […]