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How to sell on LinkedIn, with Lynn Whitbeck

Have you ever accepted someone’s connection on LinkedIn and received a ‘cold’ sales message straight away? Or maybe you’ve sent messages yourself that have fallen on deaf ears? Then tune into this interview to learn what to do (and not to do) when selling on LinkedIn. This week on the podcast, I interview Lynn Whitbeck, […]

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Getting rid of your content gremlins with Amanda Webb – Linking in with Louise Podcast

On this week’s podcast, I interview Amanda Webb of Spider Working. We discuss the ‘Content gremlin’ – the little gremlin that sits on your shoulder and tells you to start creating content and sharing it all over the internet. Amanda works with people who’ve got all those bits and pieces up and running, and I […]

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The weird and wonderful hacks other people use on LinkedIn – Linking In with Louise Episode 115

Linking in with Louise – the podcast to keep you up to date with all your LinkedIn activity – how to build a genuine network on LinkedIn that brings you business, valuable conenctions and one you enjoy spending time connecting with!  If you are using social media to promote your business, you might get frustrated from […]

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What type of content posts can you create on LinkedIn?

A breakdown of the different post types There are multiple different options for creating posts on LinkedIn includingStatus Update Celebrate a teammate Give kudos Simple text post Sharing an article Uploading a video Uploading a document Sharing a photo Sharing a blogpost  Initially when you log in to LinkedIn, you are presented with two options […]

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How to find your ideal client

If I asked you who is your customer, what would you say? If your answer is EVERYONE, then I am writing this just for you. The problem with a business that is trying to serve everyone, is that you end up talking to no one. It is a common mistake that entrepreneurs make when they […]

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How should your small business use social media?

How should your small business use social media? The simple fact is that your potential client or customer is using social media.  With approximately 40 million people in the UK having social media accounts, your business cannot afford to ignore social media. The main questions you want to consider are: What social media platform is […]

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Raising Your Visibility Online Summit

The Social Bee Online Summit is all about helping you to raise your visibility online. Join the Online Summit Here   It’s a three day long virtual summit for entrepreneurs with 16 incredible speakers talking about the different ways to connect with your audience and grow your business. From branding and blogging, to YouTube and […]

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How to start your blog on WordPress

One of the main building blocks for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their online presence is to have a blog.  In this article, I am going to show you how to quickly and easily start up your own blog. Before I show you how to start your own blog on WordPress, let’s look at […]

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How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business?

How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business? Chances are, like many small businesses, you have a Facebook page.   Maybe you have a page that you don’t actually post on very much.   Maybe you get fed up posting on your page because no one is actually responding to your posts. Do you […]