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Facebook profiles and pages- what is the difference?

What is the difference between a Facebook personal profile and a business page?

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5 steps to start tweeting your way to success

Twitter is a fantastic free social networking tool. You can set up a twitter account in a minute on your phone and start to connect with other businesses and professionals in your field. Join your local Twitter hour and start to build your network. But, how and where you do you start??  Use images in […]

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Do It Digital UK Workshop – recorded live March 21, Belfast City Hall

I was delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a workshop for small businesses on the Do It DIgital UK big blue bus today.   The bus was parked out side of Belfast City Hall, and we had a great turn out of local business owners and entrepreneurs.   The whole video is about 45 […]

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How to create an image using Canva

  Do you wonder how other people make those cool little images that seem to fit PERFECTLY into the social media post they have written?   Well, one of my favourite,  and possibly daily-used tool, on the internet, is Canva.   You find it at I use Canva to create images to go along […]

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Taking the first step

I listen to podcasts ALL the time… I find them inspirational, educational and I can fit them into my life – walking the dog, going for a run or driving in the car in between meetings and picking up the kids. I have abandoned the car radio.. (sorry Women’s Hour and Kerry McLean…) Today I […]

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Images for Social Media Posts

Do you know how to create images for social media?   When you are browsing different social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you are likely to see images with text on them – these can be inspirational, informative, or just plain fun. Having your message on a colourful image will catch your customer’s eye […]

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Email Marketing – can it boost YOUR business?

Email Marketing – An effective, low cost method of promoting your business. Are you wondering if email marketing can boost your business? Do you want to know the benefits of email marketing? Email marketing is sometimes overlooked by entrepreneurs and small businesses. It shouldn’t be, especially where marketing budgets are tight. One of the most […]

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Five Signs Your Content Needs Updated

Five signs your content needs updated Unless you’re a start-up business with a snazzy new site, or have content creation down to fine art, the chances are, your website content probably needs updated. In this non-stop digital age, new content is created online everyday – on social media,  websites and blogs – so to have any hope of standing out from the […]

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LinkedIn – making connections

When it comes to LinkedIn, many people sum it up as Facebook for professionals, a platform designed on building relationships and making business connections. And they are right! LinkedIn is an excellent tool for finding like-minded individuals with the industry or job experience that you are interested in or require. Just like Facebook ‘friends’, or […]