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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Law Firms

How does your law firm approach LinkedIn? You probably already have a presence on there. According to the American Bar Association annual Tech Report, 87% of respondents are on LinkedIn. Social media is more popular than blogging; 86% of respondents indicate that their firms have a presence on social media, including: 87% LinkedIn 61% Facebook […]

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How to come up with content ideas for LinkedIn

How do you know what to post on LinkedIn? How can you come up with ideas for content to market your business? Tune into today’s podcast to find out! This is something that a lot of people struggle with, and one of the reasons they hire me to help. This is your business network so […]

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Don’t be afraid of posting on LinkedIn

Why are some people afraid of posting on LinkedIn? This is something that I hear time and time again from people. Whether it is my clients who hire me to work with them to help them understand how they can use LinkedIn as a vehicle to raise their profile, raise their visibility online, and win […]

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What type of content posts can you create on LinkedIn?

A breakdown of the different post types There are multiple different options for creating posts on LinkedIn includingStatus Update Celebrate a teammate Give kudos Simple text post Sharing an article Uploading a video Uploading a document Sharing a photo Sharing a blogpost  Initially when you log in to LinkedIn, you are presented with two options […]

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Podcast Episode 38 -talking EthicalHour with Sian Conway

Sian Conway was working in corporate marketing for a cyber security software company. She took some time out to travel,  came across some artisan crafters in Cambodia which eventually led to a life-changing decistion to quit corporate start her own business.  Sian now runs a business based around ethical and sustainable living. Sian runs #EthicalHour […]

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How should your small business use social media?

How should your small business use social media? The simple fact is that your potential client or customer is using social media.  With approximately 40 million people in the UK having social media accounts, your business cannot afford to ignore social media. The main questions you want to consider are: What social media platform is […]

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Raising Your Visibility Online Summit

The Social Bee Online Summit is all about helping you to raise your visibility online. Join the Online Summit Here   It’s a three day long virtual summit for entrepreneurs with 16 incredible speakers talking about the different ways to connect with your audience and grow your business. From branding and blogging, to YouTube and […]

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Social Bee Podcast Ep 29 – Solo – How to use Facebook Groups to grow your business

One of the key ingredients to the success of my business, I believe has been the community that I have built up inside my Facebook group.  I have a free facebook group called the Social Beehive, which is a group of about 1200 members who are entrepreneurs from all over the world. We have people […]

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How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business?

How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business? Chances are, like many small businesses, you have a Facebook page.   Maybe you have a page that you don’t actually post on very much.   Maybe you get fed up posting on your page because no one is actually responding to your posts. Do you […]