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Why Networking Works

  Last week I was invited to speak to a group of ladies who are starting out on their entrepreneurial dreams… there were ten women in the room, and what they all had in common, was  the fact they were Mums who have been out of the workplace for a while, and are considering starting […]

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10 Reasons why Blogging works for your Home Based Business

Surprising as it may be, there are still lots of home business owners that ask and wonder whether investing their time and effort on blogging is really worth it. After all, with many online stores that allow stay at home mums to start an online business for free, it may seem to appear at first […]

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How I quit my glass-ceiling part-time job and went to work for myself

A few years ago, in my late 30’s , I was in a real career slump.   I had a relatively well paid job as a Project Manager in a public sector organisation, but was frustrated at the complete inability to progress any further. I had hit the glass ceiling.  After my first child was born […]