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7 Ways to grow your audience online

How do you start to grow your audience online? When you want to launch a business there are many pieces of the puzzle to think about.¬† For example,¬† have you thought about branding, what your product looks like, who is going to buy it,¬†¬†where will you sell it,¬† what will be the cost of creating […]

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How the curse of knowledge is holding back your marketing

If we met at a local networking event,¬† how would you describe what you do in your business? When I see articles and interviews that use jargon and technical terms that apply to the person’s own field of expertise,¬† my heart sinks.¬† ¬†If you are trying to attract your ideal client to your business,¬† what […]

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Build your business online

How do you build a business online?¬† ¬†There are (in my experience)¬† four main pillars of building your business online.¬† ¬†There are lots and lots of tools, software,¬† methods but really it all boils down to this: 1. Create your content This can be in many forms – you can create videos with your phone,¬† […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 12 – Planning for 2018

  In this solo episode, I talk about how to plan your way ahead for 2018.¬† Starting with a review of your efforts in 2017 and how important it is to look at your analytics. Then looking at what you actually enjoyed most about your business in the past year, and where your revenue came […]

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How to plan your content calendar

Seven steps to creating a content calendar with free downloadable monthly template.

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How to create an image using Canva

  Do you wonder how other people make those cool little images that seem to fit PERFECTLY into the social media post they have written? ¬† Well, one of my favourite, ¬†and possibly daily-used tool, on the internet, is Canva. ¬† You find it at I use Canva to create images to go along […]

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Five Signs Your Content Needs Updated

Five¬†signs your content needs updated Unless you‚Äôre a start-up business with a snazzy new site, or have content creation down to¬†fine art, the¬†chances are, your website content probably needs¬†updated. In this non-stop digital age, new content is¬†created online everyday¬†‚Äď on social media, ¬†websites and blogs ‚Äď so to have any hope of¬†standing out from the […]

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Content, Conversations and Community….

3 degrees of¬†¬†Social Media Marketing How do you create a successful social media marketing plan for your business?¬†¬† Why is it different from the normal marketing world?¬†¬† By being social! If you start a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business and then use it purely¬†to advertise sales and promotions, it won’t go far. […]