Building Community through your LinkedIn Page

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Are you building community on your LinkedIn Company Page?

Your LinkedIn Company Page can be a great resource to encourage your community to have conversations. Rather than viewing it as a place to share or broadcast your company products or services, we prefer to look at the page and it’s content as engaging with your audience.

Why you need a Company Page

Let’s look at some specific ways to do this

How to build community with your page

Employee engagement and empowerment

Do your team know HOW to engage with the Company LinkedIn Page? Let’s help them out. Invest in some training on how to post on LInkedIn. Your senior team can lead the way. Engaging with Company Page posts can take a few different routes:

  • Comment on the company page posts (you can use the Notify Employees tool to do this)
  • Show your employees how to add the Company Page to their profiles in the Experience section of their personal profiles
  • Teach your employees how to share a post with their thoughts. If they are a little camera-shy, consider creating a one page guide to share around the company on what a good re-share looks like
  • If your senior team start to engage with the Company Page posts and share to their network, your junior members of staff should follow suit (if you communicate this to them!)

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Use Hashtags

Did you know that your Company Page can comment on posts from individuals on LinkedIn?

Each page can follow three hashtags on LinkedIn, but you can also now comment as your company page on any post.

Building Community Pages on LinkeDIn

Do some research to see what hashtags are popular in your industry. To find hashtags, use the Search bar at the top of your screen.

Follow and comment on Company Pages as your Page

You are also able to follow other Company Pages as your company page. Strategically, this makes a lot of sense – you can choose what pages to follow, and take time to read their content, comment as your Company and build your own company profile. LinkedIn will show you the content from the pages you are following by filtering. Here’s how.

As Page Admin, go to your Admin View.

Select Manage Page Following

Add Pages you want to follow

Tip – comment on your client Company Page posts to raise your visibility, engage with your clients and grow your own audience.

This filter will also allow you to view posts that include one of the three hashtags your page is following.

Hosting Live Events

One of the best ways to build community on your LinkedIn Company Page is hosting live events.

You can host an audio or video LinkedIn Live. Some points to note – you cannot record or playback a LinkedIn live audio event.

When you create an event on LinkedIn for live video, you need to use a third party tool. We recommend Streamyard.

What sort of content could you share about on a livestream? There are lots of options including – ‘how we work’, ‘ask us anything’ , launching a new product or service, interviewing team members to see what it is like to work at your company or even updating your audience on some industry news.

For more information on setting up your LinkedIn Live How to use LinkedIn live and LinkedIn video for your business

Quick and Easy Ways to create content

Need some quick easy wins?

  • Share your company blogs to the LinkedIn Company Page – always write a line or two about what the reader should expect from the blog
  • Record informal video content – a walk around the office, a piece to camera using your mobile phone
  • Repurpse old posts – keep an eye on your Page Analycis – what works well with your audience? You can repurpose popular posts and simply write them from a different angle
  • Use LinkedIn Polls – a very easy option – ask your audience a question! How to use LinkedIn Polls
  • Outsource! We love creating content for our clients – you get on with the day job and we take care of creating meaningful informative entertaining content to build your audience on LinkedIn.