Batching your content writing and running your own business – with Sara Bussandri – Social Bee Podcast Episode 85

Sara Bussandri, copywriter, content batcher and podcast guest - Social Bee Podcast

How organised do you feel about your content creation?  

Do you struggle to write blog posts for your business?  

Sara Bussandri is a Content Writer who helps personal brand entrepreneurs, podcasters, and small businesses with their blogging and content re-purposing. Over the last few months, Sara has been helping me with the show notes for this podcast, and in this interview, we talk about how Sara started her own business after leaving her corporate career and how she got to do what she does now. We also talk about the importance of getting organised with your content and batching your writing, how to best run face-to-face workshops, and the use of different social media platforms.  

You will learn 

  1. About the benefits of batching your content writing.   
  1. How writing blog posts for your business is a different skillset to writing for school, university, or other purposes.  
  1. Why charging for workshops and events can influence the type of audience who attends.  

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More about Sara 

You can find Sara on her website , where you can sign up for her FREE 7-day email course on batching your content writing.  

Or you can connect with Sara on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

My social media podcast series  

If you want to know more about how to use social media for your business, I’ve recently run a series of podcast episodes that you might find useful.  

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