Back To School – scheduling tips

So the school summer holidays are nearly over – it’s been a great summer for us – with three kids under 11, its also been very busy!   And juggling the work on the business has been a mixture of summer schemes, time with Granny, and working in the evenings when the kids are in bed.   Our school starts back on Tuesday and I must have said to so many prospective clients and contacts,  yes, lets organise that when the kids are back to school – sound familiar?

In fact, I was at the beach yesterday with my three kids, my nephew and two friends and took a call from a good friend of mine about our plans for our business ventures starting next week – lucky for me the beach was a small one, and we were the only ones there so I did keep my eyes on the kids the whole time we were talking.


One of the tools I use to help me through the busy summer, and during the rest of the year when I want to keep my family time separate from work time, is scheduling.

The benefits of being able to schedule your social media posts are endless –

  • planning in advance
  • targeting your audience when they are online
  • no panicky last minute posts
  • having time to pick the right images to go with your post
  • having your social media accounts active even when you are at the beach/doing the groceries or at your girls book club night…

When you are using Facebook to market and build your business, you can set up a post, and instead of just posting it immediately, you can schedule in advance for whenever suits you.  So maybe you want to post an offer for the weekend, and the best time to post that, for YOUR audience, might be Thursday night.   Instead of panicking at tea time on Thursday about getting your post ready at the right time, why not set it up on Tuesday morning and then you can relax knowing it’s ready to go when you need it.   I recommend to my clients to pick one hour a week, write your posts for that week and schedule them all in advance, so you can then get on with running the actual business and not spending all your time on Facebook… we know it can happen!

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook

So give it a shot, let me know how you get on – and pop over to our Facebook group if you have any questions!

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