How your law firm can update LinkedIn and grow your network

In 2013, Forbes described LinkedIn as an essential personal branding tool. With more and more people paying attention to LinkedIn, finding connections and building their network, it is time for your team to have a second look. 

LinkedIn is more than a site for job hunters. And recruitment agencies. For law firms, LinkedIn is ripe stomping ground for finding your next client, whether connecting with fellow attorneys for referral, or raising the profile of your firm.   Are you and your team making the most of LinkedIn?

5 ways to help your team update their LinkedIn today

1. Update headlines

When someone is searching for a specialist attorney to refer work to,  give yourself the best chance of being found on LinkedIn.  

Start with your headline.   Does it reflect your specialism?

For example, rather than “Louise Brogan, Attorney”,  we might say ‘Louise Brogan,  Maritime Attorney | Personal Injury Specialist’

Use your headline as a way to stand out and attract your ideal network. 


2. Update Skill Section

Updated Skill Section

As the team grow and improve their skills, make sure this section is kept up to date.  The LinkedIn algorithm (and Google) are both searching for particular skills in searches online.   Keeping your team profiles up to date helps them to show up in the search results on LinkedIn.

Don’t undervalue the skills and knowledge you have picked up in the last year. And don’t assume your network know what you can do!

I regularly update my profile as I am always taking on new aspects of work and also getting new skills so it’s worth revisiting and updating. Like life in general there are always changes to incorporate.

Nicola Richardson, The People Mentor

3.  Review About Summary

When someone looks at your team members LinkedIn personal profile, can they tell what you do?    We help our attorneys to write an About Summary that the READER is interested to read, and leads to inquiries and connections.

The About summary is NOT about you – it should be about how you can help your clients.  


4. Add keywords to be discoverable online

When someone suggests your firm to a potential client, you can be sure they will be doing their due diligence and searching for your name online first. 

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is often the first or second result on Google search?


What shows up when you Google yourself? Or your firm?

Try to include keywords throughout your profile.  For example, you can add in some keywords into your Experience Section.   *keywords are those key words that someone types into a search box 

5.  Engage with your network

For SMEs, 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn.

I know that when I spend focused time on LinkedIn, it has led me to work, opportunities and even speaking roles at conferences.

When you are posting on LinkedIn or commenting on someone else’s posts, the likelihood of someone clicking on your profile to find out more about you increases. 

With over 800m users on LinkedIn, only 3 million people post monthly on the platform – so this offers a great opportunity to be seen by your network. 

Only 1% of users post content weekly, though 91% of executive use LinkedIn as a content source

Encourage your team to begin commenting on other people’s posts on LinkedIn.  Start with supporting the Company Page content.

Be strategic – is the post related to your work?  Will your ideal clients see your comments?   Writing something thoughtful on a relevant post will increase the number of people who view your profile.



LinkedIn offers you a prime opportunity to network, engage and connect with people.

Our team work with law firms to raise their visibility on LinkedIn.   We can create consistent, relevant and interesting content for your Company Page, and work with your team to help them engage with both the content and your connections.    

If that sounds of interest, please contact and let’s start a conversation.