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The component parts of a tweet explained

This week,  how to decipher the anatomy of a tweet.

  1. Pick an Avatar – this is usually a photo or logo for the business
  2. Twitter Name – this is the name of the person or business tweeting
  3. Twitter ‘handle’ – this is the name you choose to represent yourself using @
  4. Length of time since the tweet was posted – e.g. in this tweet, 21 seconds – will be in seconds, minutes, hours or days
  5. Use of #Hashtag to join others tweeting about the same topic
  6. You can shorten URL addresses to include a link to a website address in your tweet
  7. If you choose to use a picture, it will grab the readers attention, and twitter will include a twitter picture url
  8. To reply to a tweet, click on Reply
  9. To retweet someone else’s tweet, click on Retweet
  10. If you like a tweet you have read, click on Favourite to let the tweeter know

If you want to know more about how to use Twitter for your business, get in touch for a consultation.   Training can be delivered on a one to one basis, or in a workshop setting.

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