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Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn for
leads and sales ?

You're ready to raise your visibility on LinkedIn

You know your clients are on LinkedIn, but you aren't sure how to reach them.

You are short on time and ready to learn.

I know that a lot of my clients just want to learn how to use LinkedIn and get on with winning business. 

You need a great LinkedIn profile and some help to find out what to share on LinkedIn.  

Does this sound like you?

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This is why I have created my VIP LinkedIn Package

Who am I and why should you care?

I am Louise Brogan, and I have been teaching entrepreneurs how to use LinkedIn to get leads and win business for over 7 years. 

After working in corporate for 15 years in IT, I set up my own business to help others with their social media.  I love teaching people (in another life, I am pretty sure I would be teaching GCSE Geography)  

My expertise in LinkedIn is the missing part in your social selling strategy and I want to help you win business starting ASAP. 

Visibility on LinkedIn VIP Programme

Learn exactly how to use LinkedIn to find clients and win new business

Get your fully optimised profile AND become confident in your ability to post, interact and build a network you enjoy interacting with that also leads to sales


How Does This Work?

I will work with you on  2 x 90 minute sessions to re-write your personal profile and show you how to use Linkedin – messaging, content, building your network

"Decision makers are spending meaningful time consuming Thought Leadership content and well-made content has the potential to significantly influence brand perception and buying behaviors"

What's Included

What Our Clients Say

I worked with you on your VIP offer. Loved our session. You helped me set up my page and taught me how to use LinkedIn.

Honestly - I was relieved not to do any pre work. Just show up and let Louise handle everything? Great!
Liz Murphy
Founder and Owner of Liz Murphy College Advising
"During our VIP session Louise helped me with amazing tips to improve my profile so that it attracts the right clients - it looks so much better now! We also spent a good amount of time getting clear on the daily and weekly actions I need to do to continue building relationships on LinkedIn. What I like best about Louise's teachings is how it feels: More ease, less sleaze. Thanks Louise!"
Dr Nicole Tschierske
Coach for Women in STEM, Into Action Coaching
I had the pleasure of working with Louise through her VIP Intensive program. I've known Louise for a couple of years and had the pleasure of meeting her at an event. I wanted fresh eyes on my LinkedIn profile from someone who wasn't super familiar with my business and it was a huge help. Through the VIP intensive, I was able to make an easy plan for my LinkedIn marketing. I highly recommend Louise - she's a pleasure to work with and has great insight
Danielle Liss
Owner & Attorney at LISS Legal
I hired Louise for a LinkedIn VIP Day. It was one of the best investment we have made. I have had my LinkedIn account for years, but didn't fully understand several features or had a good approach for engaging with past and recent connections. In 3 hours, Louise held our hand, walked us thru the key areas of the platform, and helped us optimize our profile to clarify our messaging. We were able to learn what would've taken us WEEKS to figure out on our own. We were able to walk away with a simple LinkedIn strategy and roadmap to clarify our messaging and increase engagement on LinkedIn. Thank you Louise!
Rocio Baeza
I just finished a VIP training session with Louise and I am SOOO thrilled. Admittedly, I thought that my profile was pretty buckled up with only a few enhancements needed, but there was SOOO much more that Louise was able to identify for me to enhance my profile (and she was really kind about it :). LI changes so frequently that it is nice to work with someone who can quickly point out the DOs and DON’Ts. In addition, we covered so much ground on how to properly find and connect my target audience as well as share meaningful content and engagement. Louise really FAST TRACKED my ability to enhance my profile and my strategy to use LI meaningfully. I would highly recommend her VIP Training if you want to GET IT DONE!
Rosalyn Stewart
The Label Lady

visibility on LinkedIn VIP Package