7 ways to make LinkedIn more interesting

Do you enjoy reading the posts in your LinkedIn newsfeed?

Or do you log onto LinkedIn and find the same boring salesy messages in your timeline?

How can you get a more interesting newsfeed in LinkedIn?

As with all social media platforms, you are in control of what you see on the platform. If you want to follow only people who post about video conferencing software, you can.

How to curate a newsfeed you love on LinkedIn

1. Be more selective with your connections.

If you connect with everyone and everybody, you are opening up your newsfeed to content from all of those people. So if someone is on LinkedIn to drive traffic to their monthly webinar on how to perfect their sales technique, this will determine what they post about. Check the video below for how to connect or follow someone on LinkedIn.

2. Unfollow people

You don’t need to disconnect from colleagues or business friends in order to stop seeing their posts in your newsfeed. You can simply unfollow them.

To unfollow someone:

When you see a post from someone in your network and you decide you no longer want to see their content, go to the … dots at the top right hand corner

Click on the dots

Choose the Unfollow option from the drop-down menu.

3. Mix it up

Don’t simply connect with people who are in the same industry as you. Connect with people who are interesting – if you are using LinkedIn to get clients, why not connect with those people who also serve the same ideal client as you.

For example, if you are a book keeper for small business owners, why not connect with Virtual Assistants or coaches who specialise in working with small business owners.

I’ve learned so much from connecting with people who are completely outside of my professional area. Focus on finding those who help others, are human (in other words, not promoting themselves as perfect) and may have different perspectives than your own.

Maureen Carrig, Carrig Communications

4. Create more interesting content

Start with your own content. To make the newsfeed less boring for others, share good content!

To make your time on LinkedIn more interesting, start conversations with your network.

If you struggle with coming up with ideas to post about, it is time to grab a pen and paper or some post-it notes

Write down all the questions you get asked about your role. From simple to complicated. How can you start conversations around these topics?

Rather than broadcasting AT your audience, and talking about yourself, consider how you can help your network. What questions do they have? How can you help them solve those questions?

How to come up with content ideas for LinkedIn

5. Join events on LinkedIn

Find events on LinkedIn that interest you. When you join an event such as a webinar or livestream, connect with others who are also interested in the same topic.

You can find out who else is attending the same event and start an event chat with attendees.

Join a messaging thread with others at your LinkedIn Event

6. Follow companies and news outlets who post interesting stories.

With only 1% of LinkedIn members posting regular updates on the platform, you may see the same people posting over and over again.

Why not follow companies, news outlets and thought leaders on the platform who share content that interests you.

To find relevant pages, events, people and more, use the My Network tab.

Click on My Network

Scroll down through the options shared in the main left hand column.

LinkedIn will share online events, people you may know, newsletters, groups and even pages that are using

7. Get some help

If you struggle to come up with content ideas yourself, it is time to get some help.

You can learn how to use LinkedIn and create more engaging content (you know, the type that leads to inquiries about business) OR you can fast-forward and work with our team to help you write your posts – all you need to do is publish them.

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