7 ways to get leads from LinkedIn

7 ways to get leads on LinkedIn

Are you generating leads from your LinkedIn activity?

How much time do you need to spend on LinkedIn to start bringing consistent inbound leads for your business

LinkedIn is seen as the professional social media networking site. According to a State of B2B Marketing Report from Wpromote, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation, and 62% say it generates them leads, over two times more than the next-highest social channel.

But HOW do you use LinkedIn for lead gen?

* you can also pay to play using LinkedIn Lead Gen forms – this is NOT about using those 🙂

Let’s look at seven ways to generate inbound leads for your business from LinkedIn

#1 Set up your LinkedIn profile for lead generation

When did you last update your LinkedIn profile?

If a potential client finds your profile on LinkedIn, does it draw them in, or do they scroll right past you? Having a profile for lead generation is very different to having a profile for your corporate career.

Here are some tips to get your profile updated for lead gen:

  • Write your headline in a way that attracts your ideal clients
  • Write your About Summary in a way that leads your reader to want to find out more about your products and services
  • Update your skills and experience sections to focus on what you want to be known for now

Want to get your LinkedIn profile updated today? Check out my LinkedIn by Lunch profile mini course here

#2 Build trust with your audience

When someone follows you on LinkedIn, why do they follow you in the first instance? Are you sharing tips on how to write your first book? Maybe you are working in financial services and building a network of advisors.

Back up your content with evidence, share articles from trusted media sites and give your own opinion on them.

On Neal Schaffer’s blog , author of ‘Age of Influence’ an article about content states that using public data will help to build trust with your audience

Sharing thoughtful content about your industry will lead others to see you as an expert and builds that all important ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

#3 Take a long-term view to relationship building

You’ve heard this analogy before – no one walks into a bar, comes up to a stranger and asks them to get married. Why would you think this works any differently on LinkedIn?

I believe that steadily building your network on LinkedIn with connections that you have time to engage with, exchanged messages with and connect, is worth far more than sending out multiple blind connection requests each day in the hope that someone will decide to buy from you.

How do you connect with someone? Find a common ground -maybe you liked something they said on a post you were following, do you have connections in common? Did you hear them on a podcast or maybe someone suggested you check their content out.

Connecting with one or two valuable contacts per day who you can engage with, will actually shorten your lead time as you build your relationships.

#4 Find people who are similar to your clients

Did you know that LinkedIn helps you with this?

When you look at someone’s LinkedIn profile (depending on their privacy settings) you can also see ‘People also viewed’.

This will be a list of existing LinkedIn users who are similar to the person you are currently looking at.

You can reach out to connect with these people or why not consider asking for an introduction if your original client is connected to them.

#5 Share video with a call to action

I love video marketing. I share a video on YouTube once a week and also share these regularly on my LinkedIn page.

Keep your videos short and to the point. Add in a call to action at the end – do you have a free guide or webinar that your audience can sign up for?

To find out more detail about using video on LinkedIn, check out this article I wrote for Social Media Examiner

#6 Be consistent

Consistency is key in marketing online. From creating a social media account and post on it regularly, to consistency in your messaging

On LinkedIn, you will build your visibility by showing up, sharing posts that start conversations and engaging on content from your network.

Leaving comments

It is NOT enough to click the ‘reaction’ button every now and again.

In the first of these two images, each person has clicked ‘like’ or ‘love’ on this post – we can see their headshots but no name.

Visibility through clicking the ‘reaction’ post:

Visibility by leaving a comment – when you leave a comment, you can not only see the headshot but also my name and headline:

#7 Reach out and build your network using messaging

When you build your network by connecting with people and personalizing your invitation, you start a real connection with someone.

If you are currently connecting with people without sending a message, you are missing the first opportunity to get a good lead.

Consider an in-person event. You meet two people. The first person hands you their business card without a word and walks away. The second person introduces themselves, asks you a bit about yourself and you have a conversation. Which of these two people are going to be the stronger lead?

Connect with someone using a message and start a conversation with them. Find out what their business is and ask them about it. Save the sales spiel for when they ask you about your product or service.

Top Tip – quality is better than quantity when it comes to LinkedIn connections

Connecting with hundreds of people in one week without engaging in one to one conversation in the inbox, will create a large network on LinkedIn full of people you have no interest in, you will have no knowledge about their products or services and you probably don’t enjoy spending any time on LinkedIn.