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7 reasons to start a blog today

I started writing my blog about 12-18 months ago.  But I didn’t do it regularly.  I didn’t know much about SEO other than it existed, and I just blogged when I felt like it.  My blog posts were pretty short. If you ever read any of them,  you probably didn’t learn too much from them!   So what did this mean for my business?   ZERO!   Who was I helping? No-one.   What was the point?

Now I try to blog more regularly.  When I do write a blog post,  I write it with you in mind – my audience!  I try to give useful, relevant advice.   I do have fabulous plans to blog once a week, but right now, if I aim for once or twice a month, it’s a bit more realistic.

Why the change of plan?  Well, I have learned, through my own experience,  that my blog is the heart of my online business.  This is the place where I drive all my content.   Writing a blog post on email marketing, on Facebook groups,  on how to use Twitter – once I write the post, I can re-use that blog post over and over again.  I can use it to direct people to my website when they ask a question in my (or other) Facebook groups.  I can answer a tweet with a link to my relevant blog post.   I use MeetEdgar as my social media scheduling tool, and all of the blog posts are shared across my social media on a regular basis.   I have created Pinterest pins that link to my blog posts, graphics that work for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all linking to the blog posts.

So why do I want to send people to my blog?

First and foremost, the blog is a tool to help other entrepreneurs figure out how to market their business online.  So I want it to be a really useful resource.    Secondly,  once someone is on my blog,  I want them to have a look around – if I have written many relevant blog posts on the online marketing world,  then a visitor to my blog should find more than one post useful.   Once someone is on the blog, the likelihood of them joining my email list is much higher. ( Well let’sface it, if they aren’t ever on the blog, the likelihood of someone joining the email list is pretty close to zero…) so the list building is directly linked to writing the blog.

Let’s go over the seven reasons why YOU should start a blog for your business:

  1.  To create your own space on the internet and make your own mark.   Yes, you can share other people’s articles, videos and posts – but why not write your own?
  2. Establish yourself as the expert in your field – if you write about the main topics in your industry on a regular basis, your audience will soon find you as the go-to person to ask questions or find answers
  3. Create content for your online marketing –   if you can create a good block of blog posts, you can use them as content for your social media accounts.  Pinned posts on Pinterest,  shared tweets on Twitter – regular sharing on Facebook.  Remember, social media is a TOOL to send people to your business -and you should be using original content where possible on social media.  How do you do this? By writing it yourself!
  4. Build your email list.  The business is in the list.  What does that even mean?  Well – if you build up a following of 20,000 onInstagram, or a Facebook page with 3500 followers- don’t assume that everytime you post, your followers will see your gorgeous work.  They won’t! But if you write them a regular email into their inbox (and make it interesting, informative and useful) then you are far more likely to get in front of your ideal client. How do you build your email list?  By providing an opt-in box or sign-up to your email list on your blog!
  5. Other people will start to share your blog posts for you!   When you write your blog  and use relevant phrases and keywords that your audience is searching for – if you write it well, your audience will start to refer to your blog when talking about that subject!
  6. You will learn how to write.   When you are blogging regularly, with time, you will get better at it. This is so good for your online business – practise writing to your ideal audience and you will start to get a feel for it. This will help you with your email marketing as well – after all those emails aren’t going to write themselves.
  7. SEO – yup – those three letters again.  When you are regularly writing blog posts on your website,  creating fresh relevant content AND using the keywords or phrases that your ideal client is searching for online, this only helps your website to get found.   Too many business owners pay someone else to create a website for them, only to neglect the blogging part.  This is not Kevin Costner and the field of dreams (age-check…yes I’m over 35 ;))  –  in the online world, the phrase ” Build It and They Will Come” could not be more wrong.

So have I convinced you?   I hope so.    Start drafting out what your blog is going to look like, and what it will cover today. Every journey starts with the first step…

To help you along, I have created a free monthly blog post planner. To grab your copy,  sign up here. free blog post planner

2 replies on “7 reasons to start a blog today”

Thanks Louise! Useful blog which I needed right now as hoping to use the summer quiet period to content plan so I can be more pro-active on social media. Would be interested to know how you do your key word and phrase research?

hi Sara – I use google keyword planner – but also from my own social media group for example – looking at the questions my audience are asking and the words they use to ask their questions if that makes sense? I am launching my first ever Online Marketing Bootcamp for Women Entrepreneurs this autumn to cover all aspects from blogging, keywords to social media and email marketing- let me know if you are interested! xx

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