5 ways to connect with a message on LinkedIn

*and why you should

Have you ever had the following happen?

Someone sends you a connection request on LinkedIn with no message and you have no idea who they are, or why they want to connect with you.

Someone connects with you on LinkedIn and as soon as you accept their connection request, they send you a sales message. Or an automated message.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start a conversation with a message on LinkedIn

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn without a message, you are missing a huge opportunity.

LinkedIn is the social networking site for business owners and professionals. When you connect with someone, you add them to your network.

In order to build a valuable network full of potential customers, clients and collaborations, start out with having a conversation with your new contact.

When someone logs into their LinkedIn account and sees a handful of new connection requests – 2 with a message and 3 without, which ones do you think they will look at first?

When you receive a genuine message from a new connection, the usual thing to do would be to reply. Now you have moved beyond one of many connections in the newsfeed, to one to one in the inbox.

How can you add a LinkedIn message when connecting?

  • Click on the person’s name that you would like to connect with
  • Click on “Connect” on their introduction card (if you are using mobile, click on the three little dots to the right of the ‘connect’ button)
  • Select ‘Add a note’
  • Write your note and click on Send

Beware: Not all connection messages are the same

Imagine you are at a conference or business networking event. Someone comes up to you, shakes your hand, gives you a business and walks away without saying a word.

Or worse, you meet someone at an event, say hello and they immediately tell you what service they provide at and ask would you like to buy it.

Would this method work with you? What do you think your first reaction might be?

message on LinkedIn

Don’t waste the opportunity to make a great first impression when connecting with someone on LinkedIn.

So what connection request message can you send?

First of all, think about WHY you want to connect with this person. Are they in the same field as you? Have you heard them on a podcast?

Did you see an article they wrote? Will adding them to your network add to the value you get from LinkedIn?

Have a look at their LinkedIn profile – is there something in their profile you can connect over?

What recent posts have they shared? Can you start a conversation about a topic they seem interested in?

Five examples of LinkedIn messages to send when connecting

Here are five examples of messages you can send when connecting with someone on LinkedIn:

  1. The person you met at a networking event – try to send this connection request within a few days of meeting someone:

Hi Traci,

‘it was great to meet you at the event today – I’d like to connect so that we can stay in touch’

2. Someone you have heard on a podcast

Hi Martin,

I heard you on the LinkedIn with Louise podcast – I loved what you said about how to manage teams well. I thought it would be good to connect here on LinkedIn’

3. Someone you want to connect to, but haven’t met yet

‘Hi Barbara,

I saw your post on social media marketing and I liked how you wrote about the different platforms needing different approaches. LinkedIn is my own preference and I’d like to connect with you here. Looking forward to seeing more of your content,

4. Someone who might be able to help you in your business

Hi Louise,

I work with a team and we are struggling to get leads on LinkedIn. I heard your podcast about LinkedIn strategy and we’d love to have a chat with you to see if you can help us.

5. Someone you have been referred to

Hi Allison,

I am connected to Martin Huntbach, and he recommended I connect with you as we have a similar audience. Looking forward to finding out more about what you do.

If you received any of the above messages, do you think you would respond?

If the answer is yes, now you are starting a one-to-one direct conversation with someone.

You may not convert the new connection into a lead but when you get to know someone through a conversation, they will remember you and your business. This leads to genuine business relationships which leads to growth and sales.

Bonus sixth connection request message example

Here is a genuine message I received this week in my inbox:

Hi Louise, I’ve been enjoying your posts and would love to connect and have you in my network. Regards, C

Guess what? I replied and we had a conversation.

Before you go, check out this video which shares what you should include in your LinkedIn profile!