5 tips for small business owners participating inside Facebook Groups

I have noticed recently that my Facebook newsfeed is showing me exactly what I want to see.   There has been what can only be described as minor panic among Facebook page owners over recent changes from Facebook.  News that the platform will now be focusing on community and connection – what does that mean for your business page?

It means that if you have been growing a presence on Facebook with engaging,  interesting content, then you are on the right path.   My page insights have not dropped since this change was announced

Facebook Page Business Insights, Entrepreneurs, online marketing for entrepreneurs, s mall business facebook, facebook pages for businessI have however noticed that I am not seeing so many other business pages in my own newsfeed.   I have some pages that I always comment on, and those ones are showing up.   My main newsfeed, however, is a mix of friends posts, and posts inside the Facebook groups I am most active in.  I am a member of several groups- the ones I see in my feed every day, are the ones that I post in every day.  I don’t just post though – I engage, I comment on other people’s posts and I ask questions. This is helping my business, as I can see people joining my email list, and joining my own Facebook group, the Social Beehive, as a result.

So how can you use Facebook groups to help your business?

  1.   Do not spam groups.   I have seen many well-meaning business owners posting the exact same query into multiple groups.    A lot of these groups have cross-over audiences so others can also see you posting your question into three, four or more groups.
  2. Be helpful.   If you are in a group of entrepreneurs and someone is asking about the latest project management tool, and this is your sphere of expertise, help them. Don’t use it as an invitation to send them a message offering your services.  Don’t answer their question with an invitation to jump on a free five-minute call with them -we all know you are just trying to pitch your services.

Recently a member of my Facebook group posted a question about how to avoid spammy posts filling up her feed on Facebook:

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You can see the helpful responses she received -and I know for a fact that one of these respondents, Shari, is a VA who helps business owners, but she didn’t mention that, send the original poster to her website, or do anything sales-y.  SHe was just helpful.   The more I see someone like Shari helping other businesses, the more likely I am to turn to check out her business in the future.  Which you can find here – RedRite

3.  Show up!   If you join a Facebook group,  show up and participate.  This is why it is not a good idea to join too many – how would you keep track of them all?  It is a better idea to join a few really interactive relevant groups than to join 20 that you can’t possibly keep up with. Unless you are in this for a short win, not a long game.

4. Build relationships.   When I am always posting under someone’s comments, or engaging with the same people, I am building relationships.   Inside a few other groups that I am a member of, I have made real online friends.   Occasionally you will actually get a chance to meet these people in real life, and then you will cement that relationship.  Down the line, you may get business from that person, but it is more likely that if they don’t hire you, they will recommend your services to someone who does need you.

5.  Start your own.   One of the best ways to grow your own audience and influence online is to create your own Facebook group.   This should be aimed at your ideal client -and should revolve around your subject area.  To find out in more detail how to set up your own group, read this post    


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