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5 steps to start tweeting your way to success

Twitter is a fantastic free social networking tool. You can set up a twitter account in a minute on your phone and start to connect with other businesses and professionals in your field. Join your local Twitter hour and start to build your network. But, how and where you do you start??

  1.  Use images in your profile.

You need to upload a good profile pic and cover photo.   If you are a solopreneur, use a good headshot for your profile picture rather than your logo.   When you are tweeting,  people like to connect with the individual.    You can add your company logo to your cover photo, and even a call to action.

Twitter cover photo and profile picture

2.  Fill out your bio.

You have plenty of space to work with, so write a few lines to appeal to your ideal client.   Include a link to your website.   You can add in your location here Рif you are serving a local audience,  keep it to your local area.  If you are an online business for example, you may decide to put your country rather than your local postcode/zip code area.   Use a couple of hashtags in your bio as these

3.  Start following other accounts.

Follow other people who are within your industry and also within your local business network.  Look for influencers who may tweet out interesting information you can share with your own followers.   Think about larger groups and companies who can provide you with information but also a network to reach out to.  An example of this would be @DoItDigitalUK РI have made a connection with this account who cover the UK.  They follow my account and when I tag them in a relevant tweet, they will usually share my tweet out to their own audience.



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4.  Join your local or industry Twitter Hour.

One of the best ways to grow your own Twitter network is to join a Twitter chat. ¬†These are set hours that are held once a week. ¬†They are usually hosted by one twitter account, and the host will include your tweets if you use the Twitter chat hashtag in your posts. There are lots of different twitter chats – simply look for one that applies to your industry. The important thing to remember is to engage with the other accounts – use the hashtag in all of your tweets during that hour.¬† Don’t just self-promote – join in the conversation.

twitter hour, networking on twitter, how to use twitter for business

5.  Use Twitter-etiquette.

¬†If someone follows you, have a look at their profile and see if you want to follow them back. ¬† If someone tags you in a tweet, ¬†and it is relevant to your audience, think about retweeting them. ¬† If someone sends you a direct message, respond. ¬†Don’t get into arguments on Twitter – as with all social media, I advise business owners to take any arguments or ‘discussions’ offline. ¬†If someone gets offensive or aggressive, then block them!

For more information on using Twitter,I have created a free mini-training on YouTube

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