5 reasons not to work with us

This might sound a bit weird, me wanting to let you know why we should NOT work together. But isn’t it better to know in advance if we are not a good fit?

After all, I want to work with my ideal clients, and I want my clients to feel that we are the right fit for each other.

Reasons why we are not the right fit for you

  1. You are looking for help with all social media
  2. You want the cheapest option
  3. Automation is your jam.
  4. You are looking for a LinkedIn pod to grow your visibility online
  5. You want someone else to ‘do’ LinkedIn for you

Let’s dive in

#1 You are looking for help with social media

Here at Louise Brogan Ltd, we focus solely on helping you to learn how to use LinkedIn to win business.

If your ideal client is found on Facebook or Instagram, then I can happily recommend some wonderful resources to help you.

For Facebook Ads help, visit or chat to Amanda Webb of Spiderworking

#2 You want the cheapest help you can get

You know LinkedIn is where you want to be, but maybe you are just starting out and there are a lot of things you need to prioritise. Hiring an assistant, building a website, getting that fancy new Mac you’ve had your eye on.

I totally agree you should prioritise your spending. Focus on bringing money into your business by making sales.

You can learn from listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. Reading through blogs on this website can teach you a LOT about how to use LinkedIn.

When you are ready to get tailored support with someone who can work with YOU and your business, then reach out.

The price of my LinkedIn VIP one-to-one session for example, is $1500. This service is for people who don’t have time to spend learning how to use LinkedIn over a longer period of time.

They want to overhaul their profile with someone and want to know exactly how to use LinkedIn so that they can get on with building their network and attracting ideal clients.

What to expect when you buy a LinkedIn VIP Session

If you prefer to learn through courses, I can point you towards my DIY course here – LinkedIn Learners Lab

#3 You are an automation fan

There are many companies out there who will set you up with an automated messaging service on LinkedIn. Or you can pay someone to send the same exact series of messages to everyone you connect with.

It’s sort of like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Here at LinkedIn with Louise, we prefer to help you create content on LinkedIn that lead to inbound leads and inquiries. We can show you how to move a connection to a potential client without sounding like a machine.

#4 You want to be part of a pod

A Pod? What’s that I hear you say?

A pod on social media is when a group of people get together (often paying for the privilege) to agree to comment on each others posts. The purprose is to get some traction on your posts so that others in the LinkedIn network will see your content.

The problem is that you then have to commit to commenting on all the other pod members posts. And they might not be that interesting! Or something you care about. And you run out of comments after about half a day. What a bore… having to think of something ‘interesting’ to say on a post you have zero interest in. Every day. Also, pretty sure this breaks LinkedIn guidelines.

How to build a network on LinkedIn you want to connect with

We believe your time is better spent learning how LinkedIn actually works. Connecting with people you are interested in. Following pages and companies you want to hear from. So that commenting comes naturally. And you have some great conversations.

Compare attending your favourite industry conference and having some really amazing chats with potential clients or collaborators versus going to a conference on watching paint dry full of the least interesting people you can think of.

#5 You want someone else to do LinkedIn for you

We are all busy.

Some people just want to pay someone else to manage their LinkedIn account for them. Recently I sent a complimentary message to someone whom I had found online. I got a very polite reply from someone in that person’s team. Thanking me for my message and explaining that they didn’t manage their own account.

That is what a Company Page is for. When I sent someone a private or direct message on any social media account, I do expect to be sending it to the person whose name is attached to the account. Leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth otherwise.

However, here at LinkedIn with Louise, we recognise that not everyone has time to come up with posts to share on LinkedIn. That’s when we create the done-with-you service.

We write the posts for you – based on your intake form, your requirements and what you want to get from LinkedIn. Then you can post them yourself on your own account. This means when someone replies, commeents or reaches out, you get to take the next step in that business relationship with someone.

The quality of leads on LinkedIn is high. One of our recent clients closed two deals worth over £50,000 following a LinkedIn VIP session.

We help you build your profile, understand the way the platform works, and help you get in front of your ideal client. If you want help with the posts and content, we can help you with that too.

If you made it to the end of Reason No.5, you might be interested in taking the next step.

I invite you to book a call with me this week.

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