5 reasons you need to update your LinkedIn Profile

5 reasons to update your linkedin profile today

When was the last time you changed your LinkedIn profile?

In 2013, Forbes described LinkedIn as an essential personal branding tool. With more and more people paying attention to LinkedIn, finding connections and building their network, it is time to update your profile.

LinkedIn is more than a site for job hunters. And recruitment agencies. Although … if you ARE looking to change your role then you really MUST update your profile and read this article.

So what is going on with LinkedIn? I posted an update on the platform asking people when was the last time they updated their profile, and if people were looking at profiles before they reached out to someone on LinkedIn.

You can read that post here

One of my Social Bee Academy members, Colin Manson, gave this response:

In the Sport & Education sector it seems to have no merit, however, in IT its been great for meeting new people, finding out about companies and as an opportunity to find and be approached about potential jobs.

Colin Manson, Cyber Security Student

If that alone doesn’t convince you, then here are 5 reasons you need to overhaul or update your profile today.

1. People are searching for YOU

From the replies I received, I can see that people are searching on LinkedIn for candidates and checking out potential employees and collaborators, before they reach out in person. To give yourself the best chance of finding work or a new role, then you should definitely pay attention to your profile.

When I am hiring for our law firm I will check out a profile. Even for dog/house sitters, church (I am on the personnel committee) or personal hires.

Nicole Story, Marketing & PR Specialist, Max Story Consumer Justice Law Firm

Start with your headline – this is the part of your LinkedIn profile that people see when they click on your name or when you reply to someone else post – read more about that here

How to write a good headline for LinkedIn

I asked my LinkedIn network when was the last time they updated their profiles and got some very mixed responses. I think we probably are prompting a few people to consider updating theirs this week.

I updated my profile about 18 months ago, along with my website. It’s in need of another update to reflect my most current info, however. Time to get busy!

Rhonda Peterson, ACC, Executive Coach | Speaker | Mastermind Leader

2. You have new skills

We are constantly learning and growing in business. You may have started working with someone new, or maybe learned how to use new software. Don’t undervalue the skills and knowledge you have picked up in the last year. And don’t assume your network know what you can do!

I regularly update my profile as I am always taking on new aspects of work and also getting new skills so it’s worth revisiting and updating. Like life in general there are always changes to incorporate.

Nicola Richardson, The People Mentor

3. Businesses and services evolve

As well as acquiring new skills and knowledge, you may be offering new services to your audience. Or removing previous services. When I started out in business, I offered social media management to my clients. Now I teach social media to SMEs and corporate clients in workshops and online.

I’m self-employed, and I keep it updated and very current so that potential clients always get an up-to-date representation of my costs and availability. I’ve had just over 1k views in the last 60 days, so it seems worthwhile. 

Katy Elle Blake, Simply Social Strategies, UK

4. It’s a great way to keep track of your own progress

When I worked in corporate (as a software engineer and then 11 years as an IT Project Manager), I used to lose track of all the different projects I was in charge of. I remember my colleague saying that he kept a list of all his projects in a text file so that when he came to his annual review, he knew exactly what he had achieved that year. Whereas I had to think back to what I had been working on, and no doubt forgot to include some really great work. Now, if I am hired for a series of workshops for a client, then I can add those into my profile or get recommendations as I go. This makes writing proposals for the next corporate client much easier!

Likewise if you are a professional, keeping your account up to date with the work you are doing, keeps your online profile current, and you may be more likely to pop up in the search when a recruiter is looking for someone just like you.

5. More people are using LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s popularity is growing in the UK and for good reason.

For job seekers, employers, recruiters and HR professionals use LinkedIn to find new staff.

122 million users have been invited to an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million getting a job through someone with whom they are connected

LinkedIn Stats, 2018

For SMEs, 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn. I know that when I spend focused time on LinkedIn, it has led me to work, opportunities and even speaking roles at conferences.

When you are posting on LinkedIn or commenting on someone else’s posts, the likelihood of someone clicking on hour profile to find out more about you increases. If you consider this statistic from the Business of Apps website (source: LinkedIn stats) then its time to update your profile, get posting and raise your online presence.

Only 1% of users post content weekly, though 91% of executive use LinkedIn as a content source

If you would like help with your LinkedIn profile, why not book an online review of your profile today? LinkedIn Profile Review

here’s what Sommer said about hers:

I hired Louise to professionally assist me with my LinkedIn profile. I wanted her feedback on what to change, what was missing, where I can improve, and what might need to be deleted. I paid online, filled out her intake form, and within just a few short days I received a detailed video that walked me through her feedback on my profile. In addition, she provided me with a document that outlined her suggestions. Louise was professional, and extremely quick, but thorough. I would have loved to jump across the pond to visit her in Ireland for face-to-face consultation, but this was affordable and timely. Her expertise truly shines through, she knows her stuff! I can honestly say that any professional that wants to go to the next level on LinkedIn should work with Louise. My experience was worth every penny. She’s brilliant. ⭐

linkedin profile update

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I had two contacts with companies about roles in the past after updating profiles or making sure I had all my relevant experience detailed.
Loving Linked In.

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