2024 LinkedIn Benchmarks: Engagement Rate Data and Top-Performing Content

The 2024 LinkedIn benchmark report from SocialInsider shows that LinkedIn has stepped up in the last few years and has become a go-to marketing tool, especially for B2B brands.

It’s crucial for marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s hot on LinkedIn and predict what’s coming next. That’s where LinkedIn analytics data saves the day!

SocialInsider recently released a report with 2024’s LinkedIn benchmarks. SocialInsider is a tool that combines social intelligence, analytics, and listening. It provides a wide range of metrics and insights, from brand to campaign levels. It covers all top social media platforms and analyses industry trends, data, and historical data.

Louise Brogan had the pleasure of speaking with SocialInsider Founder and CMO Adina Jipa to discuss the insights from the 2024 LinkedIn Benchmarks report. Check out the full video on our YouTube channel.

The Primary Factors of LinkedIn’s Increased Engagement Rate 

LinkedIn has seen a 44% increase in engagement rate year over year. It’s the second platform that delivers this huge engagement rate for business platforms. 

Social media has undergone many changes over the last year. 

The changes on Twitter/X have had an impact because people used to go there for their news and updates, but now they turn to LinkedIn. Basically, people and brands are moving from X, and LinkedIn fills the gap. It’s the perfect place to increase your followership as a content creator or influencer, and businesses have started to capitalise on this engagement and impressions.

Everyone is a Creator

Another major impact of this engagement rate is that everyone can be a Creator on LinkedIn. If you use the LinkedIn features as an individual, you can have a huge engagement rate in your interactions with your audience and can increase your audience on LinkedIn. It’s the only platform that rewards you this way and makes you stick with it. 

Businesses are Investing

This increases the number of people using LinkedIn daily, which is why businesses have also started investing in it. More and more people are coming here, and businesses also want to be here.

LinkedIn is a platform for a business’s marketing team that has a more robust objective. They get leads to specific company events. They have engagement objectives, a newsletter to increase brand awareness, and so on. All of these factors impact how people engage with brands and each other on LinkedIn.

Multi-Image Posts

LinkedIn’s average engagement rate by impressions is 3.85%. The multi-image post type scores the highest LinkedIn engagement rate.

A multi-image post is different from a carousel post. A carousel post appears as a slideshow. With a multi-image post, you can upload as many images as you want together to promote events and product launches, share industry research and business milestones, and so much more.

LinkedIn Groups

According to the report, LinkedIn groups are still not a great option in 2024. Publishing in a specific group doesn’t increase impressions, engagement, or comments. We recommend instead, you focus on LinkedIn’s newsletter feature. It’s a better way to get brand impressions than LinkedIn groups.

Video is the Most Shared LinkedIn Content

The 2024 LinkedIn benchmarks report shows that videos are the most shared type of content on the platform. 

Videos generate the highest number of shares on LinkedIn, so creating videos and having diverse content on LinkedIn is important. It’s also important to know what resonates with your audience.

Consider whether video can better convey your message when creating your content calendar. For example, instead of using text and images to promote an event or job posting, use video to highlight the benefits of attending the event or working with you.

You can also use videos to share industry tips, research, and insight with your audience. Interviews with your team members can be another great way to use video to share specific knowledge and topics on LinkedIn.

Video is important and the engagement is steady month over month. It should be a pillar of your content strategy.

Uploaded LinkedIn videos must be under ten minutes long. Short-form videos generate engagement, increasing your know, like, and trust factor. A great way to create short-form videos is to record a longer video and chop it down into manageable clips. Check out our Visibility Package if you’d like some help doing this!

The Roll of LinkedIn Polls

In 2024, polls are generating the highest impression rates. So why are they so effective on LinkedIn? And how can marketers use them to engage with their professional audience?

Polls are great for research, competitive insights, and getting audience insight. 

If you’re looking to expand your business line, you can poll about other tools being used or services similar to what you’re using. They’re great for identifying industry trends and testing hypotheses. If you want to change your business model, you can test it on LinkedIn and gauge the impression rate.

A lot of people will give you their insight on a specific topic. Polls are great for generating content ideas, too, and building your LinkedIn content strategy around what your audience wants to learn about. 

Polls are a strategic and important way to gather and incorporate information from your audience into your LinkedIn strategy.

Our best advice is to post one poll per week and let it run for seven days for maximum engagement.

Companies Should Post Often on LinkedIn

Brands increased their LinkedIn posting frequency by 10%, according to the 2024 LinkedIn benchmarks report.

Although the average number of posts per month is 18, companies should strive to post at least once per working day. 

However, not all posts are equal or have the same objectives. Adina recommends posting no more than one outside URL per week – these really should be the minority amongst the type of content you’re posting. 

Your other posts should keep your audience engaged within the LinkedIn platform and provide you with other insights. Use videos, carousels, multi-image posts, and webinars to engage with your audience. 

Overall, use text, multi-images with text, and videos with text as the majority of your content. When you have something bigger, something that you want your LinkedIn audience to come and join, like a specific webinar or event, then use a special URL.

Leveraging Employee Networks

The SocialInsider report shows that leveraging employee networks boosts post interactions. 

Even company employees can be Creators on LinkedIn. Employers , educate your team on how to use LinkedIn and how to create better content. Your employees shouldn’t be afraid of using LinkedIn.

Why not create an employee advocacy programme where you can invite the people who feel comfortable to share their results and stories? Someone from your communications team can educate your employees on how to write, what to write, when to post, and the types of posts that are currently working on LinkedIn. You can also hire an external LinkedIn trainer to run workshops for your employees.

It’s important for your employees to use their own voice to create content for LinkedIn. Their text should convey a human approach, but as their employer, you can guide them based on any internal company rules you have.

Celebrate your team in your content like this example from Colt Technology Services:

Your team managers should understand social media. It’s difficult for someone working under a manager who doesn’t to justify their ROI when writing on LinkedIn. But, especially as more and more people are using LinkedIn as a sales channel, networking, and interacting with others on the platform, it’s vital that employees dedicate some time to posting on it.

If you’re new to encouraging employee engagement on LinkedIn, start with your sales team. Teach them how to publish and what to write. Then expand to your other departments.

Here’s a great book for encouraging your employees to use LinkedIn, written by some friends of mine: The Magic of Employee Influence: activate your Employee Ambassadors on LinkedIn to enhance branding, boost sales, and attract top talent by Ivana Brutenič and Kristína Cichý Kováčiková.

Caption Length Matters

How long should your LinkedIn posts actually be?

It turns out that shorter captions work best with multi-image posts because people are more attracted to the images than reading the text. When it comes to other types of posts, Adina recommends writing longer captions. 

But really, everyone should test what’s working for them because although the SocialInsider report speaks about the foundation for the average business page, that may not be what works best for your company. 

Check out Monzo Bank and HubSpot’s LinkedIn pages. Both companies are currently experimenting with text-only posts.

To Sum Up

Here are the top 2024 LinkedIn benchmarks, according to SocialInsider.

  1. The engagement rate on LinkedIn has increased by 44% Year-over-Year.
  2. Multi-image posts generate the highest amount of likes and comments on LinkedIn.
  3. Videos are the most shared content type on LinkedIn.
  4. Brands have increased their posting frequency on LinkedIn by 10% in 2024.
  5. Polls generate the highest impression rate on LinkedIn.
  6. Posts with multiple images and short captions have the highest engagement rate on LinkedIn.

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