15 ways to start blog writing

When you are building a business online, one of the key ways to get traffic to your website, is by writing regular blog posts. It can be tricky though coming up with ideas on what to write about!

15 ways to start writing your blog post

The more often you write your blog, the quicker you will get at it. So here are some suggestions to help you to get into a regular routine of content creation.

  1. Choose a regular time. Maybe it will be first thing in the morning – sitting at your desk with your coffee ready to go. Or maybe its aftr you have the kids in school and you are back home after walking the dog. Whatever time you pick, stick to it! Habits are formed by repeating the same action over and over again.
  2. Shut down your social media! Get off Facebook, stop looking at Instagram and avoid your Twitter feed. If you start scrolling, you will never get your blog post written.
  3. Turn your phone on silent. If you answer a call from your mum asking about your kids, you will lose all train of thought and the blog writing will be done for the day.
  4. Have a sheet to write your ideas on. Or an app… or a whiteboard. Every time you think of a blog topic, write it down so that when you are sitting down to write at 7am or 9.30am you have your ideas already to hand.
  5. You don’t have to write the whole blog post in one go! Quite often I will start a blog post on Monday and finish it by Wednesday. As long as you get it down. Do what works for you.
  6. Re-use and Re-cycle. Repurpose your content – take old blog posts or podcast episodes and chop them up and add bits.
  7. Don’t overthink it. Write as you speak – its important to get the framework of your blog post down. You can edit it and add in proof of your concepts later.
  8. Create your images and social media posts later. IF you try to find the right images to go with your blog post, you will never get it written! Even better, hire a VA to create your images for you so you can focus on creating more amazing content for your blog.
  9. Write about what you know. I know about building a business online – so its hard to shut me up once I get started. If I had to blog about veganism, for example, I would be stuffed.
  10. Your blog posts don’t all have to be long! Think Seth Godin – he publishes short blog posts that really mean something. We can’t all be Seth, but neither do you have to write a book.
  11. Ask your audience. What do your readers want to know about? Quite often I will get questions in my Facebook group or via email – these generate ideas for blog posts (and podcasts, and videos for YouTube..)
  12. Try not to edit as you go. You will end up losing your train of thought and this makes your creative process much more difficult.
  13. Write a series of blog posts. Maybe you want to plan to cover Blogging in January, Facebook in February etc – which leads me to point 14.
  14. Have a content creation calendar – take a day to plan out all your content for the next six months and you won’t waste time trying to come up with content ideas every week.
  15. Structure your blog post – have an introductory paragraph. Then some bullet points with the main content. Then finish strong with a call to action.

Are you ready to get blogging? If you need a little help, download my content planner guide today and let’s start creating content to attract your ideal client today.

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