How to be more like Springsteen on LinkedIn

How can you be more Bruce on LinkedIn?

Be more BRUCE

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Before we get into the LinkedIn part, let’s have a quick look at Bruce Springsteen.

With 20 studio albums, Bruce released his first album in 1973. He regularly performs live with his E Street Band for over three hours

He released a podcast and book recently with Barack Obama. He is from New Jersey and is much-loved. You may know him from his Springsteen on Broadway show, or from his much misunderstood song Born in the USA.

This is how close I have come to Bruce 👇🏼

What has this got to do with LinkedIn?

As a Springsteen superfan, I see so many similarities in how I want to show up in business, as Bruce does in his career. So let’s dive in – how to be more B.R.U.C.E.

B – know your BRAND.

What are your audience looking for?

  • Reliability
  • Showing Up
  • Delivering what we came for
  • Caring about your audience
  • A little touch of magic

What happens when you do these things?

You get a loyal following. Your network start to comment on your posts on a regular basis. People talk about you even when you are not in the room (or the country). People tell their friends to listen to your latest release. Share your videos.

When you put something on sale, your loyal audience want to buy it.

They know the quality of what you deliver. They may buy it in CD, vinyl, downloads and even cassettes..

Springsteen CD collection

On LinkedIn, you have two places – your personal profile and your Company Page.

  • What do you stand for?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What are your core values?
  • Be recognisable by what you put out there in your messaging


Bruce and his band have a brilliant relationship with their fans. They engage with us online (you can follow most of the E Street Band members on Twitter and they follow a lot of fans back). If you ever get to go to a live concert, you can feel the connection between the band on stage and the audience.

“After six years, I’m looking forward to seeing our great and loyal fans next year,” Springsteen said.

“And I’m looking forward to once again sharing the stage with the legendary E Street Band.

“See you out there, next year — and beyond.” 2022
Springsteen, Croke Park, Dublin 2016

On LinkedIn, you build relationships by connecting with people and engaging on their content. This is KEY to getting leads and sales on this platform.

Measure how much engagement you are getting by checking your analytics. If you want to get more people viewing your profile, the easy way is to leave valuable and interesting comments on Other People’s Posts.

U- U is for Updates

Keep us in the loop!

When did you last write something on LinkedIn or share an update? Springsteen fans have been waiting a long time to get news of a tour. While we waited, regular updates kept us tuned in and kept Bruce top of mind:

Keep your updates consistent and relevant. Your network connected with you and follow you because you share value and start conversations around your area of expertise.

Tips on the types of posts you can create on LinkedIn are here

C – Connections and Consistency

Springsteen fans feel a real connection to Bruce. We may never have met him, but we feel that we know him and vice versa.

What about your LinkedIn activity?

Connect with people and be consistent in sharing your posts. Twice a week is plenty of frequency to allow you to become known. Make sure that you are sharing content that your audience are interested in and can engage with.

Check your performance with your analytics.

You can check how your content is performing by looking at your analytics. Go to your profile, click on the Post Impressions and you can view by number of days.

E – Enjoy it

Bruce in Dublin

LinkedIn is not for everyone. Neither is Springsteen.

Choose what works for you. If you try raising your profile on LinkedIn, building a network you want to engage with but don’t enjoy it and are not getting leads and sales, then it may not be for you.

If you get to know the platform, understand what you are doing there and how it works, you will get business.

However, if you get tickets and go to see Bruce and decide you don’t like a Springsteen concert, there is no hope for you. #SadButTrue

See you in the pit my friends!